Isolated bus transceiver

Isolated bus transceiver realizes isolated transmission of bus signals in a single package. The products include isolated bus transceiver without isolated power supply and isolated bus transceiver with integrated isolated power supply. Among them, the isolated bus transceiver integrated with the isolated power supply integrates the isolated DC/DC conversion, signal isolation transmission and bus signal receiving and sending functions into one chip. The isolated receiving and sending of bus signals can be realized by using a single power supply, and the combination scheme of "optocoupler+isolated power supply module+bus interface" can be replaced by a single chip. It has a good application prospect in industrial field network and multipoint data transmission system.

Technical indicators
◆ Isolation and withstand voltage capacity: 2500Vrms@1min ,5000V  Vrms@1min ;
◆ Common mode transient suppression (CTMI):>25KV/us,>50KV/us;
◆ Support bus standards: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, CAN, I2C;
◆ Bus port ESD: 15KV (HBM);
◆ Maximum output power of isolated power supply: 500mW.

Product range
Isolated bus transceiver without isolated power supply:
◆ Isolated I2C bus transceiver GLb1250I, GLb1251I;
◆ Isolated RS485/422 bus transceiver GLb2490, GLb2491, GLb2492;
◆ Isolated CAN bus transceiver GLb1050.