Standard digital isolator

Digital magnetic isolator is a device based on silicon transformer, which uses electromagnetic coupling principle to realize digital signal isolation and transmission. The two sides of the digital magnetic isolator are powered separately. The primary circuit encodes the input signal at high frequency, and then couples the coded signal to the secondary circuit in the form of "electric-magnetic-electric" through a silicon transformer. The original input signal is recovered through decoding. The digital magnetic isolator can ensure the safety of the human body or the sensitive components in the system, also can realize the isolation of the system noise, improve the overall reliability of the system, and is an ideal substitute for optocoupler devices.

Technical indicators
◆ Isolation channel: 2, 4;
◆ Isolation and withstand voltage capacity: 2500Vrms@1min ,5000V  Vrms@1min ;
◆ Common mode transient suppression (CTMI):>25KV/us,>50KV/us;
◆ Transmission rate: 1Mbps, 25Mbps, 90Mbps, 150Mbps;
◆ Packaging form: plastic packaging SOP.

Product range
◆ Standard dual-channel digital magnetic isolator: GL120XI;
◆ ESD enhanced dual-channel digital magnetic isolator: GL320XI;
◆ Standard four-channel digital magnetic isolator: GL140XI;
◆ Withstand voltage enhanced four-channel digital magnetic isolator: GL240XI;