Isolated operational amplifier

The isolated operational amplifier is a precision amplifier with digital isolated transmission technology as the core. The amplifier can realize the transmission of analog signals under the condition of electrical isolation of input and output. This product is widely used in lithium battery power monitoring, motor drive and energy conversion systems.

Technical indicators
◆ Isolation and withstand voltage capacity: 3750Vrms@1min ; one thousand and five hundred Vrms@ac  60Hz;
◆ Voltage gain: 1V/V, 1V/V;
◆ Gain error: ≤± 0.5%, ≤± 0.5%
◆ Nonlinearity: ≤± 0.1%, ≤± 0.01%
◆ Common mode transient suppression (CTMI):>10KV/us;

Product range
Single-gain operational amplifier (1V/V): GLaC87AC;