Isolated power supply

The digital magnetic isolator integrated with the isolated power supply uses the chip-level transformer as the coupling device, and realizes the integration of isolated DC/DC conversion and multi-channel data isolator in a single chip. The maximum output power of the isolated power supply can reach 500mW. The product can realize the isolated transmission of data when using a single power supply, and can replace the combination of "isolated power supply module+optocoupler" with a single chip. It has a good application prospect in the field of low-power signal isolation such as isolated bus communication.

Technical indicators
◆ Isolation channel: 4;
◆ Isolation and withstand voltage capacity: 2500Vrms@1min ;
◆ Common mode transient suppression (CTMI):>25KV/us;
◆ Transmission rate: 25Mbps;
◆ Maximum output power of isolated power supply: 500mW;

Product range
◆ Four-channel digital isolator series with integrated isolation power supply: GLp640X.