Beijing GL-Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Greve Micro) is a high-performance integrated circuit design company incubated by the Institute of Automation (Institute of Automation), Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company relies on the rich human resources and profound technical accumulation of automation and innovation. In-depth integration of MEMS and CMOS processes has led to the development of the first digital magnetic isolator product in China. The product performance index has reached the international level. The product is widely used in consumer, industrial control, new energy, aviation industry and other fields. Market feedback is good. Based on the digital magnetic isolator technology, Geliwei develops products such as isolated bus, digital isolator with integrated isolated power supply, isolated op amp and isolated gate driver.


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Comparison of optical coupler and capacitive digital isolator based on FIT value

In the world of integrated circuits, it is very important to manufacture products with high reliability and high durability. Especially for the decades-long life cycle

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